Tuesday, June 9, 2009

See you in 2010?

Hi everyone. Thanks for your good wishes regarding my health. It seems fate has dealt me an ironic blow. Things are pointing to me having Celiac Disease which means that, if true, I'll never be able to eat gluten again. Know what that means? Nothing with flour, rye or barley! Not great for a Sugarplum Fairy such as myself.

I'll be getting a diagnosis (I hope) in the next few weeks.

However, our family is moving for 14 months to Waterloo, Ontario and so the business will not be in operation again until Fall 2010.

I do hope that some of you come back and think of ordering from me then. And, in line with my new sympathies for those of the Celiac persuasion, I will be offering a complete line of gluten-free baking. I plan to spend the next year doing research. Lots and lots of research (and taste-testing!).

See you back here in 2010!

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